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07:47am 31/01/2010
  i can't feel my feelings.
or i can
either way it's not good.

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bands i would actually want to see if they would ever come here   
12:33am 29/01/2010
  i hardly ever go to shows anymore but i want to see these bands.....


best friends forever
eagle and talon
au revoir simone {they actually do play here but i keep missing them}
pony up!
i wouldn't mind seeing slingshot dakota again

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07:07pm 16/01/2010
  I really wish you would change your mind.This is never going to happen.  

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12:02am 19/08/2009
  if you really wanted to mess me up you should have gotten to me sooner.  

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08:45pm 26/07/2009
  i miss new york. i want to go to topshop. right. now.  

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eating fall food in the a.c.   
04:27pm 25/07/2009
  i guess i could write about real things that have been going on but i rather post about the pumpkin smoothie i made instead.

i looked online for vegan pumpkin smoothie recipes and combined what i wanted to use and felt like something simple.
half cup unsweetened soymilk
half cup canned pumpkin
dash pumpkin pie spice
dash vanilla
agave to taste {i only used a little}
sprinkle more pumpkin pie spice on top
eat and pretend it is fall and you're wearing a scarf!

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09:21am 08/02/2009
  i am very interested in sleeping lately.  

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why isn't this old yet?   
10:58pm 05/02/2009
  Where​ did you last go?
cumberland farms for perrier haha.

Do you go to bed befor​e 11?
not unless i am super tired.

When angry​ do you get loud,​​ or quiet​?​​
it depends. lately when i am angry i emote that but i try to bite my tongue a bit because i can be mean.

Do you drink​ coffe​e/​​tea?​​
tea nerd all the time.

Who was the last perso​n who left you a comme​nt?​​
what are we talking about?

Is there​ anyon​e who under​stand​s your relat​ionsh​ip statu​s?​​
haha. nobody.

Is it easy for peopl​e to make you smile​?​​
in general i don't think so but certain people can do it.

Have you held hands​ with anyon​e this week?​​
no. i like the hand holding.

Are you an alcoh​olic?​​
haha nope. this is funny for a few reasons.

Would​ you rathe​r talk on the phone​ or chat in IM?

Do you liste​n to your frien​ds when they tell you that a boy/​​girl is bad for you?
no.....it's hard to be sensible when your emotions are involved.

Have you ever had a serio​us conve​rsati​on with your dad?
it is really hard. he can't hear anything and gets confused easily. this sounds more tragic than it really is haha.

Have you snugg​led with someo​ne you weren​'​​t datin​g?​​

Are you talka​tive?​​

Are you a fast typer​?​​

When'​​s the last time you chose​ a bath over a showe​r?​​a while

Do you think​ you'​​re smart​?​​
in some ways yes

Do you miss someo​ne right​ now?
i can't help it

Do you remem​ber your 1st crush​?​​
i always liked someone i think

Miss being​ at schoo​l right​ now?
i can wait a few hours haha

How often​ do you talk on the phone​?​​

Are you shy?
i grew out of that for the most part

What'​​s annoy​ing you?
the usual

What are you not looki​ng forwa​rd to?
daily tasks are annoying me. things where i don't feel like it is worth is/paying off.

Does anyon​e like you?
i don't think so.

Do you get emoti​onal easil​y?​​
about some things yes. lately yeah.

How old do you look?​​
younger than i am.

Do you hate the last perso​n you had a conve​rsati​on with?​​
no i talked to her for over an hour , she rules! if i hated someone i wouldn't talk to them duh.

Ever kisse​d someo​ne who smoke​s?​​

Will your next kiss be a mista​ke?​​
hahaha! probably unless i try something different.

Was your last kiss a mista​ke?​
i wouldn't say a mistake. it was silly and pointless.

Have you ever done somet​hing outra​geous​ly dumb?​​
hasn't everyone? i guess my judgement is pretty good about most things though.

Can you recal​l the last time you liked​ someo​ne?​​

Are you more comfo​rtabl​e kissi​ng a boy or a girl?​​

i like dudes.

It's 4 in the morni​ng,​​ your phone​ rings​,​​ who is it?

Have you ever kisse​d someo​ne and hated​ it?
not so much hate just eh.

Could​ you ever forgi​ve a cheat​er?​​
i don't know. once trust is broken things are a mess.

Do you think​ someo​ne is think​ing about​ you right​ now?
I don't know

Do you have any text messa​ges that you don' t want other​ peopl​e to read?​​
why would people look at my text messages?

Hones​tly,​​ if you could​ go back 5 month​s and chang​e somet​hing would​ you?
i can't think of anything.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? no. i hate when people say that when really bad things happen. it's creepy.

Is there​ somet​hing you shoul​d be doing​ right​ now?
sleeping soon.

If you could​ have one thing​ right​ now what would​ it be?
one of the two things i am always talking/complaining about.

Do you have a littl​e siste​r?​​

Do you like to liste​n to the radio​ when you'​​re in the car?
i don't like the radio and i don't have a car. i like to listen to my ipod when i am walking/ on the train.

If you have a boyfr​iend/​​ girlf​riend​,​​ how long have you guys been toget​her?​​

Have you ever been to Disne​y World​?​​
when i was 2. wait is the one in florida world or land ?

Think​ of your last kiss,​​ was it sweet​ or was it awkwa​rd?​​
none of yo buisness.
Do you ever wish you just said no?

what are we talking about?

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2009 might be a very different sort of year   
09:54am 01/02/2009
  or so i'm hoping if all goes as planned. spring and summer should be crazy busy and full of new amazing experiences if somewhat painful at times haha.

i have been learning that sometimes it is very suprising who comes through for you when you need help and who lets you down. very surprising. is it june yet? okay maybe more like august.

what tv shows are good to watch on dvd? that i will get all crazy obsessed with?

off for vegan brunch and rollerskating.

embrace change.

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perfect for a foodie who likes surveys   
01:39pm 30/01/2009
  1.) Favorite Meal [Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snack/Dessert]: lunch or dinner
2.) Favorite Breakfast Meal: brown rice cake with hummus and avocado. or some awesome leftovers.
3.) Favorite Smoothie Combo: rasberries cherries soymilk nut butter. or peaches or mangos. or blueberries.
4.) Favorite Nut: i like different nuts for different things.
5.) Tofu or Tempeh: both but i eat tofu more often
6.) Favorite Form of Chickpea: chickpeas and kale!
7.) Best Pizza Toppings: eggplant, olives, hot peppers, peppers, onions
8.) Favorite Kitchen Gadget: i like to grind flax seeds in my "flax seed grinder" which is a coffee grinder haha
9.) Milk: Soy/Rice/Hemp/or Almond almond
10.) Favorite Vegan Junk Food: babycakes
11.) Favorite Veggie: kale
12.) Favorite Fruit: i can't stop eating papaya
13.) Favorite Kind of Bean: black eyed peas rule
14.) Favorite Form of Potato: sweet potatos win!
15.) Favorite Kind of Regional Cuisine: thai , japanese, indian, burmese.
16.) Your Go-To Lazy Meal: kale with nooch sauce and sweet potato oven fries
17.) Favorite Snacking Bar: lara bars for life!!
18.) Which Do You Prefer: Frying vs. Baking: baking
19.) Pick One: Cake, Cookie or Brownie: brownie
20.) Least Healthy Eating Habit:i love raw sweets
21.) Next New Recipe You Plan on Trying: like everything from the get it ripe book. and to food process things.
23.) Which Do You Like More: Baking or Cooking: cooking. but i have baked a bit lately too.
24.) Favorite Kind of Soup: black eyed pea kale soup . i had amazing minestrone with brown rice pasta the other day.
25.) Fanciest Meal You've Ever Made: i've never really made a fancy meal
26.) Favorite Holiday to Cook/Bake For: any where i can make carob fudge balls
27.) Favorite Muffin Flavor: pumpkin
28.) Favorite Way to Enjoy Tomatoes: in the vegan oddlot
29.) Average Time Spent Making Dinner Every Night: 20 - 30 min if i cook
30.) Cooking Style: Cook Alone or Cook With Others: i want a vegan dude to cook with.
31.) Smooth PB or Crunchy: crunchy
32.) What Do You Build Your Salads On? Iceberg/Romaine/Spring Mix/or Spinach kale or spinach usually
33.) What Did You Eat the Last Time You Ate Out? indian food okra and lentil soup
34.) Processed Foods: Do You Eat: Tons/Some/Minimal/None minimal to none
35.) How Often Do You Buy Organic?: i try my best
36.) Favorite Juice: fresh from a juicer
37.) Favorite Form of Pretzel: spelt
38.) Salsa: Mild/Medium/Hot/or Extreme Heat: the hotter the better
39.) Ingredients You Avoid (Other than the Obvious Animal Derived Ones): sugar, gluten, hfcs, ect ect ect ect ect haha.
40.) How Do You Top Your Toast?: hummus or almond butter

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04:02pm 23/01/2009

gosh, i love thunderant. is there anything carrie brownstein can't do?

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01:14pm 23/01/2009
  i wish i wasn't allergic to cats most of the time. i would get one to cuddle with and hang out with me. wow that sounds pretty sad haha. i miss orca beth one of the cats that lives at my parents house. she has a black and white tale and is chubby and is really great.  

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old habits die hard   
07:02pm 21/01/2009
  i am trying to get over my school phobia. i just did homework! it was scary and even though class went fine today i got super anxious afterwords, got weird then took a nap, exercised, talked to jackie and did some homework.
i made a yummy smoothie for breakfast pre class this morning. kept me going for awhile. thanks dates ,soymilk ,almond butter, vanilla ,cinnamon, frozen cherries and frozen raspberries. i am looking forward to the new issue of bust, going to ny in a few weeks, and some other things. bummer i didn't get to go bowling today. probably better though. florida was okay it was nice to be warm and not wear 6 layers at all times, spend time with sandy go swimming and get my jap on which means go shopping. the last night we went to pf changs for dinner and i got tofu and brown rice and sandy got tofu and the waitress asked if i was vegan or vegetarian and i said i was vegan and she said she was too and we talked about that for awhile. awesome! we cooked dinner one night and i made me kale chickpea nutritional yeast sauce dish over brown rice pasta and my grandma had a bite and said it was good. she doesn't really eat food it's weird. people think i am a food snob and i am judgemental about it. this is pretty much correct. i want tofu satay and someone to spoon with.

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food nerd   
01:47pm 08/01/2009
  baked plantains with black sesame seeds and pumpkin pie spice which is cinnamon cloves ginger and nutmeg

ever since i had plantains at the vegan jamaican place in new york on thanksgiving weekend i am hooked.

and kale and chickpeas sauteed with olive oil, garlic, basil, mustard, nutritonal yeast, and balsamic vinegar. so easy so yummy, so healthy.

best lunch ever.

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03:52pm 07/01/2009
  i have been like the absent minded professor lately. leaving things places, forgetting things i don't usually forget.
so west side story was on recently and i realized that the tragic things that happen in it are due to communication issues. people really need to start communicating better. for reals. if i can do it why can't you?

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12:26pm 05/01/2009
  +revolutionary road
+awkwardness of all kinds
+i bought roller skates!!

i am excited for a few days in florida. i need some warmth and some sandy fox.

i think i am going to attempt to make raw cinnamon rolls in my food processor either today or tomorrow. i hope i don't mess it up.

oh and 'm not even going to lie......i am really excited for the new episode of gossip girl haha. me and jackie decided that if chuck bass was a real person i would have tried to date him. so true.

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06:52pm 31/12/2008
  1) Was 2008 a good year for you? it had it's ups and downs. it got off to a rough start.

2) What was your favorite moment of the year? california was pretty amazing and non stop 100 percent fun. debra + dani + panda bears+ vegan food + awesome oh also the night of the bust party in new york was super fun.

3) What was your least favorite moment of the year? feeling helpless

4) Where were you when 2008 began? at matts hanging with the bva, sleeping, being tickled.

5) Who were you with? matt , megan , amara, jeremy , spencer, eric, jen, amber, ect ect ect.

6) Where will you be when 2008 ends? some of the same people at the same place. party hopping!

7) Who will you be with when 2008 ends? new and old friends.
8) Did you keep your new years resolution of 2008? i don't make them. i have some life goals and stuff.

9) Do you have a new years resolution for 2009? rule at school. stay healthy. trust people. go somewhere new. learn to knit finally. keep speaking my mind even if it is awkward haha.

10) Did you breakup with anyone in 2008? i just play a girlfriend on tv haha

11) Did you make any new friends in 2008? yes, i met alot of amazing people that make me really happy.

12) Who are your favorite new friends? Favorite? bva peeps, got alot closer with people i already knew.

18) What was your favorite month of 2008? october

19) Did you travel outside of the USA in 2008? nope but i traveled in it.

20) How many different states did you travel to in 2008? new york, new hampshire, ct, maine when in nh to go to the j crew outlet haha, places with vegan tacos and buffalo exchanges.

21) Did you lose anybody close to you in 2008? i don't think so

22) Did you miss anybody in the past year? i am all about the long distance friends.

23) What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2008? i was hyped for twilight after having a very edward cullen summer haha. probably something way better i am forgetting. nick and norah was rad. i am not 14 i promise.

24) What was your favorite song from 2008? from 2008? the mae shi cover the of the miley cirus song haha. i listen to alot of music from the 90's.

25) What was your favorite record from 2008?
black kids or now, now every children or los campesionos!
c I listen to are from bands that don't exist anymore and aren't fed to me through mainstream indie media.

26) How many concerts did you see in 2008?

tegan and sara, black kids, bearsuit, tilly and the wall, blonde redhead, hard fest in california, mirah,lykke li, some others.

27) Did you have a favorite concert in 2008 bearsuit or black kids i think

28) Did you drink a lot of alchohol in 2008? not at all. i drank wine by accident at ny

29) Did you do a lot of drugs in 2008? some guy at hard fest asked if i wanted pills haha. sort of. but not like actually drugs duh.

30) How many people did you kiss in 2008? 4 or 5

31) Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year? i'm not ashamed. i make mistakes.

33) What was the worst lie someone told you in 2008? sometimes it's what you don't say.


35) Did somebody treat you badly in 2008? eh life is complicated
36) How much money did you spend in 2008? bling bling

37) What was your proudest moment of 2008? i don't know.

38) What was your most embarrassing moment of 2008? i left someone a message thinking they were my uncle haha. i don't really get embarressed easily.

39) If you could go back in time to any moment of 2008 and change it what would it be? i rather change other people haha
40) What are your plans for 2009? school, florida vaca, hang with the ny besties, be healthy, be happy, cook more, be carlys bridesmade.

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make this!!!!   
09:20am 23/12/2008

With your hands, mix together well:

1/2 c. each:
peanut butter (or other nut butter)
or agave syrup
carob powder
chopped nuts { i used walnuts}
sesame seeds
and 1/4 c. quick oats)

This is very sticky. When well-mixed, wash off hands and leave them wet. Roll into balls, egg shapes (we used to make "Easter eggs" out of these, too) or logs, or press into an oiled pan and cut into squares or other shapes. Roll in coconut (colored, if you wish), ground nuts or ground granola.

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i am all about livejournal now?   
09:52am 20/12/2008
  snow snow snow snow.
before sunrise is a really good movie. i am excited to see before sunset. do it up, netflix!

very important update : agave sweetened lemonade was really good. i used lemons, water,ginger, agave and mint leaves. yumm.

the weather is ruining hanukah! yes i know hanukah hasn't even started yet.

i convinced a man at whole foods yesterday to by nutritional yeast.

i hate having dreams about things that are bothering me in my life. what fun is sleeping if you are still experiencing negative emotions?

i know everyone is all woo i love sledding. i don't really like sledding, as i told a friend last night i am afraid of crashing into a tree and getting snow in my pants haha. i might go though if i am bored enough.

i hope 2009 is a really good year for me. i am going to be bold and say i think i deserve it. 2008 had a lot of ups and downs, mostly downs. there were some good parts. i went to some new places, met some amazing people, made new friends, reconnected and or got closer with some people i already knew. i got a mac laptop i am pretty in love with. i am extremely good at advocating for myself and speaking my mind to people, from anyone to doctors to people i am dating. i realized my tastes have changed and i want different things from people. i really don't care how tight your pants are and about your band or tattoos. give me something real to work with please.

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09:19pm 18/12/2008
  i want to make agave sweetened lemonade during the snowstorm. i hope it will be good, lemonade left my life a while ago.come back, lemonade come back! just don't bring all that sugar.

yeah i am weird.

trying to be posi
bva new years party

a few days in florida in january warm weather+ sandy = awesome

classes starting the day after i get back

i wore 3-D glasses today. over my glasses because i am just that cool.

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